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wasps - pest control service Folsom CAThere are numerous species of wasp in Sacramento, of varying sizes and colors. The most common species in Sacramento are YellowjacketPaperMudMud DaubersPotter and Pollen Wasps. They range from just a few millimeters in size to several centimeters, and of colors ranging from black to different shades of blue and green. These flying insects have two sets of wings and a pinched waist.

All wasps can be divided into one of two categories – solitary and social wasps. Solitary wasps live on their own. They even lay their eggs and leave them. Social wasps, on the other hand build nests, which can get quite large in size. Within these categories, they are further divided into two more categories – predatory and parasitic. Predatory wasps hunt and feed on other insects. Parasitic wasps lay their eggs on living hosts. When the larvae hatch, the host becomes their first food source.

Wasp Removal and Nest Control in Sacramento

Most wasps in Sacramento are actually quite beneficial to the garden, taking care of many common pests that would otherwise destroy your plants. So, what makes them such a problem then? Infestations are a major issue for several reasons. The biggest reason that they are a problem is because they sting. Unlike bees, which have a barbed stinger than can only be used once, they have straight stingers. This means that each wasp can sting several times. And wasps will attack when they feel threatened. If their nest is close by where children play, or near an entrance to the building, they may feel threatened every time someone passes by.

They may also feel threatened if you attempt to spray the nest, or if you swat at them as they buzz near you. If anyone, whether it is you, a family member, a guest, an employee or a client, is allergic to stinging insects, stings could lead to a dangerous anaphylactic reaction. Even if you aren’t allergic, being stung several times is very painful. These are reasons why nest removal and wasp removal by us at Specialized Pest Patrol of Sacramento is needed.

Signs You Have a Wasp Infestation

In some cases, wasps may just be passing through, and there may only be a couple here or there. There are several signs that can point to an infestation on your Sacramento, California property:

  • Seeing numerous wasps buzzing around the property. You may find many of them hovering over trash cans or dumpsters.
  • Finding lots of dead insects. Some are predatory. Finding numerous dead insects is often an indication that they have been out hunting.
  • Finding them inside your Sacramento home or business. Wasps inside can point to a nest inside the building.
  • You may find holes chewed into the wooden structures of your home or business (pillars, steps, railings, etc.).
  • Happening across the wasp’s nest. Different species build different types of nests. Some hang from trees, while others may be below ground.

Why Do It Yourself Wasp Control Doesn’t Work

Wasps are dangerous insects. When you notice an infestation, it is very important, for the safety of everyone on your Sacramento, California property, that the issue is taken care of right away. You may think that you can handle the infestation on your own, but DIY wasp control can be extremely dangerous. DIY control often fails because:

  • You have the wrong bait. Bait traps are a popular option for dealing with an infestation. There are several different types of wasps, and several types of bait traps. Not all wasps are attracted to the same baits. If you have the wrong one, they will ignore the trap. On top of that, yellow jackets tend to be the only ones that like baits.
  • The space is too large. Baits and traps are only usually effective in smaller spaces where there is very little competition for food.
  • The traps are placed incorrectly. Wasp traps need to be strategically placed between the nest and the food source in order to have any effect at all. And you will most likely need several traps.
  • The traps are not being well maintained. Traps cannot be set and forgotten. They need to be maintained regularly, and the baits changed frequently.
  • It is highly recommended that you never try to remove the nest on your own, whether by aerosol spray, fire, or water. They will quickly become aggressive when their nest is attacked. Any wasps that are returning to the nest to find it under siege will also attack. This puts you, as well as anyone in the vicinity, in serious danger. Not to mention that fire or water could cause serious damage to your property.

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Sacramento

When it comes to eradicating a wasp infestation, and removing the nest, you need the experts at Specialized Pest Patrol of Sacramento. We are highly trained, and come equipped with all of the necessary safety equipment and knowledge of how to control wasps around the home. First, we inspect your Sacramento, California property. When we find the wasp infestation, we can identify the species, which will allow us to employ the most effective treatment methods.

We take all necessary safety precautions when it comes to treating your wasp infestation. We wear the best safety gear, and ensure that there are no other people present when we perform treatment. We may use any one of aerosol, liquid or dust treatments, depending upon the location of the nest and the type of wasp we are dealing with. Once the infestation is gone, we then disassemble and remove the nest, preventing new wasps from taking up residence. We then will help you take steps to prevent new infestations, which may include cleaning up dumpsters and trash cans, and sealing cracks and crevices in your home or business.

While wasps are beneficial to a garden, an infestation is dangerous. For fast, effective pest control for wasps at your Sacramento, California home or business, call the experts at Specialized Pest Patrol today!

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