Property Management

Specialized Pest Patrol is well known and respected by property managers for one important reason, we eliminate pests quickly. Empty units and units that are infested are huge profit killers. Our ability to educate and assure tenants of our commitment to the pest problem eases the emotional stress caused by having a pest issue. We answer questions and offer respectfully worded suggestions to the tenant (regarding sanitation/housekeeping) to help us solve the pest problem as effectively and rapidly as possible.

Understanding the biology and habits of specific pests makes it much easier to eliminate them.  Specialized prides itself as being a leader in the Pest Control industry because we believe in continued education. New techniques, chemicals, equipment and information is constantly being introduced and we feel that it’s our responsibility to do our best to have the latest information. This allows us to move quickly and successfully when we’re called to solve problems.

Don’t let ants or roaches take over your entire building, call a company who has proven results and many references to prove it. It’s this simple, we consider ourselves the leaders when it comes to solving ANTS and ROACH problems because we do actually solve ANT and ROACH problems on a regular basis. Companies who don’t perform ANT and ROACH services very often are far less likely to eliminate these tenacious pests. Place this serious problem on our shoulders, we welcome the opportunity to work with you now and whenever the need should present itself.

Specialized does business with the largest and smallest of property management companies. Regardless of your size we deliver prompt, friendly, effective service daily to all of our clients.

Thank you for considering Specialized Pest Patrol. We’re here to help.