General Pest Preparation – all crawling pests

Ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, sowbugs, pill bugs, carpet beetles, scorpions, fleas, crickets.

Inside Your Home

  • Clear baseboards throughout the house.
  • Remove animals (dogs, cats, hamster, etc.)
  • Cover and unplug filter to fish tanks.
  • Leave windows and doors closed and locked for burglary protection.

Outside Your Home

  •  Mow and water before we come. Works best if you do NOT mow or water for at least 2 days following treatment.
  • Leave gates unlocked and garage open.


  • German (small brown, mainly in kitchen)
    • Completely empty all kitchen and bathroom cupboards.
    • If roaches seen in bedroom, empty chest of drawers, dresser drawers, and closet shelves.
    • Pile things on tables, couches, etc, or in middle of floors (not against baseboards). Cover completely with sheets, blankets, etc..
    • Wipe down cupboard shelves, counter tops, etc. before treatment.
    • Clean stove tops (lift and clean undersides of top) and exhaust fumes.
    • Pull out refrigerator and clean back, bottom and floors.
    • Be prepared to vacate property for 2-4 hours.
    • Upon return, you may find dead roaches, wipe them up. Wipe down tables and table tops.
    • Do not wipe out cupboards. You may put contents back without fear of contamination.
    • Allow 2 full weeks for complete control. What we spray does not penetrate egg shells, but is a residual which will kill the young roaches after they hatch from the eggs. Generally it will take up to two weeks for the eggs to hatch and/or for the larger roaches, which are hiding in inaccessible parts of the walls to come out and get in our residual. 
  • Oriental (large shiny black)
    • Empty lower cupboards in bathrooms and kitchen, especially under the sink.
    • Clear area around washer/dryer.
    • If in garage, clear baseboards.

Fleas – All kinds

  • Have pets treated the same day.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Lift pillows on couches, chairs and vacuum.
  • Remove vacuum bag, place in plastic bag and throw away outside.
  • Pick up all loose articles (clothing, toys, magazines, etc.) off floors.
  • Pull furniture 12″ from wall (not bookcases or other heavy pieces which have access to wallboards underneath).
  • Wash pet bedding or replace.
  • Wash bed linens (unwashable blankets, etc., may be hung over doors so that any eggs on them will role off).
    • Wait two days to vacuum, then vacuum every other day for 10 days. Throw out vacuum bag after each use.
    • It will take up to two weeks for flea eggs and pupae to hatch. Please allow this amount of time for control to be achieved.
    • Please put animals on a regular treatment program.
    • You must force the fleas off the animal into our residual.

Carpet Beetles

  •  Pull furniture 12-18″ from wall.
  • Empty linen closets-wash contents.
  • Empty closet or chest of drawers where found. Wash or dry clean contents (in financial pinch, may hang out in yard on a sunny day.)
  • Check house eaves and remove all bird nests.
  • Been to the mountains lately? Put pines cones etc. outside for at least two weeks.

Meal Moths and Pantry Beetles

  •  Empty pantry or cupboards where seen – stack on tables or in middle of floors. Cover with sheet etc.
  • Wipe-out cupboard shelves before service.
  • Check cereal foods, spices, dry foods, pet foods, bird seeds, etc.
  • If larvae found, throw entire contents of that box/bag out (in plastic bag, outside garbage cans).
  • For extremely valuable spices, coffees, etc., you can freeze for 3 days.
  • Remove house plants from interior of the house.