Although they look scary, earwigs are generally pretty harmless. Still, you probably don’t want to find them scurrying around your home. For earwig pest control Sacramento, call Specialized Pest Patrol for fast, friendly, and thorough service. When it comes to pest control in Sacramento, Specialized Pest Patrol is a trusted name in the industry.

Earwigs are insects that usually stay outdoors, but will sometimes seek the indoors if there is a change of weather or if they are attracted my light. Earwigs are mostly active at night, and will find shelter in dark, damp places like under rocks and in garden mulch. The pincers that give them a menacing appearance aren’t harmful or poisonous to humans. It is very rare that a human will get injured from an earwig– the pincers are thought to be to fend off rival earwigs.

No matter what issue you are having with pests in your home, Specialized Pest Patrol can take care of the problem by finding the entry point of the pests and then taking action to prevent further intrusion. In the case of earwig pest control Sacramento, we will remove any natural materials near the foundation of the home that may attract earwigs to explore the outside/inside of your home. Most of the time, the best defense against pests is making sure they don’t enter your home in the first place.

Specialized Pest Patrol has been in business in Sacramento for over 20 years, and is the premier choice for pest control services in Sacramento. The reason we’ve been in business for this long is due to our commitment to quality care and service. It is our goal to give comfort and assistance to you during a pest control issue so that you don’t have to worry about invaders, no matter how small, in your home.

Our dedication to service extends even beyond that! We are committed to using only the highest quality materials as well as the most experienced technicians in the business. We only use hospital grade materials and chemicals that are safe for the whole family– even the smallest members of your family. As for our technicians, you can expect that they will be super friendly as well as experienced. All of our technicians have over 7 years of experience in pest control.

If you need earwig pest control Sacramento, call Specialized Pest Patrol today!