Specialized Pest Patrol Provides Sacramento With Spider Control, Extermination, and Peace of Mind

Specialized Pest Patrol, the Greater Sacramento leader in spider control, is proud to announce guaranteed spider extermination and protection. Summer is the time of year to take the right steps in keeping your home or building spider free. “We have a great rapport and history with our arachnophobic customers. They depend on our services to keep their homes safe from spider infestations,” notes Rob Smith, of Specialized Pest Control.

Spiders can be beneficial to gardens and keeping mosquitoes at bay, but too many spiders can overrun your home and quickly become a problem. While using store-bought pesticides or foggers might seem like a good idea, these products are highly toxic to kids and pets when used incorrectly. The pest control products Specialized Pest Patrol uses are completely safe around humans and their pets. Calling on a pest control professional saves you time and money while providing peace of mind.

Spider control comes with extraordinary service, experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are thoroughly committed to keeping your home bug-free. Your technician will remove any visible spider webbing both inside and outside before applying treatments all around your house. Spider control treatment is sprayed along the eaves, every single corner and crevice found throughout the property, and anywhere else spiders like to hide.

Specialized Pest Patrol maintains steadfast dedication to working with products which maximize the safety of humans and pets and to provide the absolute best service to customers. For more information on getting rid of spiders in your home or business, as well as other pest control services through Specialized Pest Control, visit http://specializedpest.com or call (916) 987-9559.